Quality Management

FT Global Co., Ltd. establishes and operates a customer-oriented quality management system with customer satisfaction as our top priority to achieve the vision, “technological convergence and creation of a better social/green welfare future.”

New Product Development Evaluation

FT Global Co., Ltd. realizes global-level product quality with the quality pre-validation system, which approves introducing design, evaluation, and mass-production of the best products by analyzing product and service requirements of the customers and the market.

Component Quality Approval Process

FT Global Co., Ltd. vouches for component quality in a stable global level by cooperating with partners that have component development quality evaluation, and mass-production approval processes connected with new product development evaluation, a win-win partnership.

Product Quality Audit

The product inspection process composed of the standard work of PCB and main assembly process and function, performance and aging test, and the production management system which is based on traceability, ensures the supply of stable product quality and quick tracking of quality abnormality, and assures global-level product quality.

After-sales Service

Proximate cause based measures through fast service management of receiving, handling, and checking complaints from customers and activities to improve product quality perceived by customers and service quality, guarantees continuous, virtuously cyclic product service improvement, and customer satisfaction.