Establishment of the Korea-China-Japan cooperation system (AGV & AMR)Logistic & Collaboration Robot

• Various types available per target application (traction/loading type)

• Wide application well proven in the automobile and LCD industries in Japan (N CO., T CO., H CO., S CO., M CO.)

• Supply of economically-efficient (vs. investment) and stable AGV systems

• Continuous technical training relating to sales, technologies, installation & trial operation, and follow-up management for reliable operation based on stable supply and effective maintenance support

Six Axis Robot Arm Specification

With the IP68 enclosure design, it can be applied to spray and fine dust areas, and is easy to operate in high-level health industrial sites by minimizing secondary contamination.

Model  Project Arm Arm Length Loading ability
J1 J2 J3 J4 J5 J6
BRTIRSE 1405A Range ±180° ±95° -70°/+255° ±180° ±180° ±110° ±360° 1400mm 5KG
Max. speed 150°/S 150°/S 360°/S 450°/S 300°/S 600°/S

AGV Specifications

It ensures stable operation from system design to installation, maintenance and operation based on flexibility, and reliability that are variously applied to and operated with verification in automobile manufacturing and electronics production facilities.

Omnidirectional AGV (H)
Unidirectional AGV (S)
Bidirectional AGV (H)
Operating speed (M/Min)
40 (three-step)
120 (ten-step)
Induction method
Magnetic tape
Magnetic tape
Magnetic tape
Minimum turning radius (mm)
Stopping degree (mm)
±30 (±10 optional)
Location verification method
Magnetic tag detection
Magnetic tag detection
Magnetic tag detection/ RFID