The core of FT Global’s corporate spirit and the value that is deeply embedded in our members and FT Global is eager to keep it most precious – that is the belief.

We contribute to better social/green welfare and pursue sustainable growth by developing the best products & services through innovative technological convergence.






Health and happiness

-Healthy happiness of the members and their families, FT Global, a people-oriented enterprise, is the source and fountain that creates the healthy happiness of all the stakeholders including our customers.
-As FT Global cherishes competent persons, all the work is the venue for showing and developing abilities.

Harmony and cooperation

-Business activity is the process of realizing the better and newer vision of the future through constant harmony and cooperation with the people and technology.
-Our motto is constructing, supporting, and endorsing the harmonious unified team of people and technology.

Creation and pioneering

-Creation and pioneering are the seeds of innovative change and the growth engine.
-We are a member of society living together and an engine for the green welfare of the community, nation, and mankind.
-Health and happiness are the inexhaustible power of this engine, and convergence and cooperation are its mechanism.
-We aim to be the world’s best, an honorable, small and nondescript specialized company with constant passion and challenge.