FT Global’s effective systems, based on meticulous planning and systematic execution, ensures satisfactory results and drives the company’s sustainable growth.

2010~2015 Establishment and Foundation

• FT Global Co., Ltd. established (June 10, 2010)
• Registered with Soosung Co., Ltd. and Dong Yang Park Co., Ltd. as an authorized supplier for logistics and leisure equipment
• Obtained ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System
• Development of new products including a high-speed battery charger and LCD display charger (school-industry cooperation)
• 100% localization of a golf cart battery charger
• Completed development of a high-efficiency charger
• Completed development of a waterproof charger
• Obtained Venture Company Certificate and Affiliated Research Institute Certificate (R&D capabilities)
• Completed development of asynchronous & uninterruptible automatic switching device (patented)
• Obtained Green Biz Certificate and designated as a Women-Friendly Enterprise

2016~up to now Innovation and Growth

• Obtained INNO Biz Certificate and Excellent Green Biz S Class
• Concluded a business agreement with Renault Samsung Motors and registered as an authorized supplier
• Export of lithium ion battery pack & charger package (Japanese automakers)
• Dealership contract for the overseas market and establishment of the network (Meikou Sangyo)
• Cooperation for a new project on AGV/AMR (Korea-China-Japan cooperation system established)
• Development of automatic high-speed charging system (NSE, Japan)
• Development of wireless & automatic charging station for AGV/Drone (with KAIST)