EHS Policies

FT Global Co., Ltd. establishes and follows the EHS policies to fulfill the safety and health of employees, and the environmental satisfaction of internal and external stakeholders in all management activities based on management philosophies, respect for people, and environmental preservation.

01 Prioritizing the prevention of environmental, safety, and health accidents

We create a safe, clean workplace by removing risk factors for potential environmental, safety, and health accidents in management activities.

02 Operating the EHS management system

We establish and operate a management system to improve the influence of EHS on all management activities consistently.

03 Following domestic and overseas regulations

We set and operate domestic and overseas EHS regulations and other requirements as strict in-company standards.

04 Developing technology and preventing pollution

We, together with our partners, are trying to develop and apply eco-friendly and clean technology, enhance the efficiency of resources and energy, and prevent environmental pollution.

05 Complying with environmental preservation and social responsibility.

We fulfill social responsibility of a company by actively participating in activities that preserves the environment and develops local communities.