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FT Global pursues innovative convergence of IT, BT, and NT, and aspires the development of a hundred of the world’s best products so as to lead the future industry.

Fusion Technology

Fusion technology is the core of the enterprise for achieving the management philosophy and goals. The engine of corporate power is the convergence technology that creates a new growth engine by creating new technologies and new products through the convergence of the currently available products and technologies including IT, BT and NT.

in and for Global Biz World

The source of technologies is global and our business is oriented towards the whole world.

Gray-based contrast of bluish green and green

We generate a healthy welfare future by creating another small Clean and Green World.


It is the sociocultural boundary of the management aiming for the whole world that values law and order, right method and diversification, and pursuing a flexible connection and harmony rather than being angular.

Leaning forward

The dynamically balanced management strategy that does not stand still but maintains continuous and energetic movement towards the new world and future

Blue Color

The goal achievement area of creating and pioneering the potential market rather than the matured competitive one and pursuing the green welfare growth

Developing and servicing speedily, and satisfying the customers’ needs accurately