FT Global

FT Global’s effective systems, based on meticulous planning and systematic execution, ensure satisfactory results and drive the company’s sustainable growth.

"FT Global believes that constant change can offer this world a brighter future."

FT Global Co., Ltd. has supplied competitive products to major customers at home and abroad based on customer-oriented thinking and strong power of execution as a reliable business partner.

We offer quality products at reasonable prices that can meet the specific needs of a customer through technological innovation and development of new technologies, which drives the growth that benefits not only the company but also the employees and customers.

Putting customer satisfaction first always in developing new products and services, we aspire to become one of Korea’s leading companies.

From all executives and employees

Growth & Innovation

2016~ 2020 Jumping-Up to Asian markets 10 million US $ (2 million export)

  • Introduction of li-ion battery pack and charger to the market
  • Registered with Renault-Samsung Motors as a supplier (battery & charger)
  • Supplied battery & charger packs to affiliates of Japanese Automakers (AICHI TCS, NSE)
  • Concluded the sole agent contract with Meikou Sangyo (for Japanese automakers-T, C, M, H Company, etc)
  • Development and exclusive supply of BLDC Mixer, ELD, and boosted inverter

2021~ 2025 Renovation thru new Products 30 million US $ (10 million export)

  • Increased sales in the markets of Japan and China along with global marketing
  • Introduction of wireless chargers (AGV, EV, Drone) to the market
  • Development and certification of a military package of battery&charger
  • Extended li battery pack application
  • Development of ESS/PCS system and a project with the Korea Industrial Complex Corporation
  • Development of wired/wireless integrated charger and a new project for EV chargers
  • Development and certification of a military package

2026~ 2030 Top Brand 4th Industry Infra-Products Supplier

  • Top Brand ESS Total Package secured and introduced to the global market
  • AGV/AMR system secured and special specifications introduced to the market
  • Establishment of Top Beverage Shop equipment line-up and OEM supply
  • Top Brand Industrial Charger & Battery Pack introduced to the global markets (USA, EU, Middle East, and Africa)